Best quality materials for the best quality crates

Inside our operative structure Egual Yard builds suitable crates for all kinds of transports, movimentations and item conservation. Each soft packaging or crate is studied and realized with top of the line materials and cutting edge technology. The type of the packaging varies based on the needs or the client’s specifications. Each piece is realized with the aim to protect and safeguard the art works, reassuring the customer and guaranteeing ultra resistance and quality, notable values of Egual Yard.


We transport in safety and speed in Italy and across Europe, your artworks for exhibitions and installations.
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We set-up the show by following your directions and your needs, thanks to a highly qualified staff.
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Packs made ad hoc with high-quality materials suitable for each stage of the handling of works of art.
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Thanks to our warehouses, we can store hundreds of works protected by the most advanced security systems.
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We sell and rent coffers of various sizes and materials to protect your artwork with confidence.
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Egual Yard also deals with the management of documentation for the handling of the works.
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